How To Use The Ascension Framework In Your Business
3 Steps To Selecting A Highly Profitable Niche Market
How We Sell 100 – 300 “$5” Books A Day
And Turn Those “$5” Books Into
automated $5,000+

Using A Unique E.C.A Process That Allows You To Go From Idea To Execution In 5 – 12 Weeks In Any Market And Dominate Facebook, Google And YouTube Ads (Even If You’ve Never Spent A Dime On Advertising Before)

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Here’s What This Is About…

We Generate Hundreds Of “$5 Clients”

Per Day By Selling High-Value

Low-Dollar Products

Then We Convert Some Of ThoseTo

$5,000+ Clients

And Finally We Further Ascend Some Of

Those To Become Ultra High Paying


We do it with what we call the
Ascension Framework

Here’s How I Went From 3 Failed Webinars To

Selling 12,394 Books & Building A 7-Figure

Business By Ignoring The Common Wisdom,

Breaking All The Rules, And Turning The Info

Product Model Upside Down

This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely

Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard of Before – Read The Story Below

To Discover The Ascension Model…

Video summary
  • Start small, and build from that
  • Start small, and build from that
  • Start small, and build from that
  • Start small, and build from that
  • Start small, and build from that
  • Start small, and build from that
  • Take the shortcut, and have us help you build your offer in the next 12 weeks

    If you want to build your offer as fast as possible with minimal mistakes, here’s how we can help you accomplish that. We’ve been directly involved in the building of over 150 offers. We know all the common roadblocks, all the mistakes, and where to focus your energy for maximum speed and results. We’ve distilled the process down to the core components that move the needle, and we’ve turned it into a process anyone can follow. We don’t just want to give you our sales funnel, copywriting, upsells, sales scripts, video formulas, email automations, graphics templates, and so on. We also jump on the phone twice a week to help you with any questions you might have. With that said, we do not accept anyone into the program, go watch the video below to find out who can get invited.

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